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Gear Hobbing

Gear hobbing methods

Copying method. When using this method each tooth space on a workpiece is worked with a tool which has a shape identical to the shape of the tooth space. Usually end-mill gear cutters and disk-type gear cutters are used for this type of gear hobbing. The method is versatile and does not require any special equipment. However it offers relatively low productivity and accuracy (8-9 accuracy grade).

Form-generating method ensures high productivity and accuracy of hobbing as well as hobbing gears with different number of teeth of one module with the same tool. When generating teeth forms, cutting edges of tools move and take a sequence of positions towards teeth shapes; the tools and workpiece rotate in the direction identical to the direction of teeth catching.

Gear hobbing from Modul

Modul, German manufacturer of equipment, is focused on form-generating method. The produced equipment is intended for machining of details with diameter up to 2300 mm and module up to 28 mm. All standard methods of milling are offered to manufacture straight and helical gears, namely climb milling and conventional milling. Besides, machines can be fitted with a variety of technologies integrating numerous additional options to cut down machining time.