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Vertical turning

The key component of a turning machine is a spindle. Its position defines the type of equipment. Depending on the position of a spindle a machine can be classified as either horizontal, either vertical. The special feature of vertical turning machines is a possibility to turn short large heavy workpieces. The race for productivity is won by CNC vertical turning machines. They are most frequently engaged in large-scale production, being suitable for machining of big batches of parts through uninterrupted process. The most important criteria to choose a machine are:

  • height and diameter of the piece to be fabricated;
  • dimension (diameter) of the faceplate;
  • maximal travel of supports in vertical and horizontal directions;
  • oblique angle of support (degree);
  • speed and travel of cross slide;
  • number of feed rates;
  • number of rotations of a chuck;
  • machine power