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Vertical milling

Milling is one of the most wide-spread machining operations in machine-building. In practice milling is a cutting process involving multi-cutter tool – mill – installed in the spindle of the machine. The main movement of milling machines is rotation of a mill, and main feed travel is reciprocal movement of a mill and workpiece.

The current market offers a wide variety of milling machines of different configurations, sizes and process capabilities. Milling machines offered by our company are arranged by types according to the established practice and divided into horizontal and vertical types. All machines are controlled with CNC systems.

Vertical milling is represented by Italian manufacturer Sigma, producing a wide range of machining centers which are positioned in high-cost market segment:

  • small and middle-size 3-axes vertical machining centers with movable working table
  • vertical centers for simultaneous 5 axes machining with a movable working table
  • palletized vertical machining centers with 3-5-6 axes and movable working table

All SIGMA products are characterized by the elevated flexibility, the maximum precision, the strong power and the high productivity typically required by the most advanced application fields such as: automotive, precision mechanics, medical, aeronautics, moulds and dies.