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VDM 800

  • Precise and reliable workpiece clamping devices using their own weight
  • Highly precise machining due to the thermally symmetric construction of the head stock with oil lubrication and rigid machine construction
  • Flexibility of equipment allows optimal solving of complex turning tasks
  • Wide range of options
  • High ergonomics of equipment provides easy maintenance of the working area
  • Optimal angle of guide ways (45°) provides effective chip disposal from the working area
Machine bed of mineral casting
  • Optimal placement of guide ways (angle 45°)
  • Linear roller guide ways
  • Linear measuring system at all axes
  • Innovative casting technology and structure of columns designed using FEM method provides optimal stability and firmness without anchoring to foundation
  • Clamping B-axis for clamping of fixed and swivelling tools
  • Target positioning due to the spindle head with integrated С-axis
  • Power gear spindle or parallel drive
  • Different types of chip conveyors and cooling systems
  • Different types of tools and systems of tool carriers
  • Easy manual loading by crane
Turning-milling machining

New generation vertical turning machine with integrated B- and Y-axis for 5-axis machining.

  • 5-axis machining due to optional integrated B- and Y-axis
  • Clamping B-axis for clamping of fixed and swivelling tools
  • Target positioning due to spindle head with integrated С-axis
  • Different types of tools and systems of tool carriers
Spindle head with parallel drive
  • Integrated С-axis
  • 2 motors with follow-up control mode for backlash-free positioning
  • differential compensating case
  • flywheel
  • wheel hub
  • part 4
  • automobile wheel disks

The double unit used for processing of break disks performs milling in the direction opposite to turning.


Grinding of both sides of break disks is simultaneously performed with a tool and workpiece rotating.


Grinding is performed with integrated automatic alignment and special grinding cycles with a help of corundum, CBN (cubic boron nitride) and others grinding disks.

Many-purpose mounting plate

The place for mounting of different processing modules for drilling, milling or grinding - a budget alternative to a turret head.

High dynamic motor spindles

High dynamic motor spindles with max. rotating speed 6500 rpm. Liquid cooling provides high thermal stability and low noise level. Integrated C-axis provides high positioning accuracy. Integrated control of clamping stroke lowers the labour cost of readjustment.

Crowned turret head
  • For complex drilling
  • Solid design
  • Short switching time
  • 6 tool locations
  • Usage of driven tools
Drilling turret head
  • Solid design
  • Short switching time
  • 12 tool locations
  • Usage of driven tools
Drilling and milling unit
  • For complex milling and drilling
  • Additional tool locations
Swivelling turret head (В-axis)
  • Swivelling angle 0-45°
  • Programmed angle adjustment
  • 12 tool locations
  • No driven angle tools are required
Multispindle drilling head
  • Reducing of cycle time
  • Possibility of using at different devices
  • Possibility of using at turret head
Retractable slide with CNC control

The retractable slide is designed for manufacturing of break disks. It can be also used for any type of machining of face sides with simultaneous usage of two cutting edges.

Technical parameters Unit VDM 800
Working area
Max. turning diameter mm 800
Max. swing over bed mm 900
Workpiece height with fixture device mm 750
Feed/rapid traverse
Rapid traverse at Z-axis m/min 20
Rapid axis traverse m/min 25
Main spindle
Front bearing diameter mm 240
Spindle flange DIN 55026
Spindle head size А15
Main motor
Power at 40% duty kW 160
Torque at 40% duty Nm 6370
Max. rotating speed rpm 1200
Tool system disk type
Positions pcs 8
Clamping for tools (DIN 69880) mm 60
Machine installation
Overall dimensions L х W х H m 5х3,5х4,1
Weight kg 32000
  • Innovative control system with network connection
  • USB-interface
  • Module software packages
  • Software for tooth profile and flank correction
  • Safety-Integrated and HMI-Pro
  • Operator guide menu
  • Tool control, including tool condition monitoring