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VDF 250Т

VDF 250Т

High-performance horizontal turning machines intended for easy processing of the high-complicated parts made of constructional materials due to the additional options integrated. Application field: high-volume production with a small tact-time.

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  • High manufacturing ability, 3 carrers
  • Machine bed with 3 guideways
  • Availability of the counter spindle
  • Processing of long parts
  • Two steadies moving independently
  • Upper carriers can be equipped with Y axis
  • Optical scales along the all axes
Rigid construction of the machine bed:
  • Solid construction of each machine allows the large machine loading
  • The machine bed made of polymer concrete provides the maximum rigidity and amortization
  • Linear rolling guideways provide the high rigidity and durability
  • Free access to all the machine units simplifies maintenance operations
  • Modular principle: all necessary changes can be applied according to your requirements
Spindle and driving system:
  • Complex processing in one set-up provides the possibility of shorter processing time and lower readjustment costs
  • Spindles have considerable power reserves as they are suitable for heavy processing
  • High production ability and accuracy during heavy processing
  • The machine is equipped with effective power-driven tools on the revolver
Working area:
  • Suitable carrier location
  • Possibility to use up to three tool carriers
  • Additional carrier is equipped with clamping fixture against the occasional carrier displacement
Technological control:
  • Automatic workpiece measuring in working area
  • Workpiece measuring inside the working area with infrared data transmission system
  • Workpiece measuring after processing outside the working area
Rigid turning

The machines structure is extremely stable, that allows the rigid turning without vibratons. The rigid turning is executed with wiper cutting plates made of CBN of the new generation, can also be executed on the large feed rates with excellent cutting control. At the same time special geometry of the wiper cutting edge provides excellent quality of the processed surface.

Your advantages:

  • Processing with several tools
  • Several operations in one set-up
  • Short cycle time
  • High flexibility
  • Quick re-adjustment
Finish processing

Quality of the part surface (till Ra 0,10-0,15 mkm) is reached in one set-up including the preliminary turning operations, for instance for slider bearing or ball bearing.

Your advantage:

  • Small expenses
  • Small tact time
  • One set-up instead of two set-ups
Turning process without the machining marks

It’s especially important for working surfaces of slots for sealings of hardened or row parts. You will get the quality of the part surface Ra 0,2–0,6 mkm or Rz 1–3 mkm without grinding.

Your advantage:

  • Turning instead of grinding
  • One set-up instead of two set-ups
  • Dry processing
  • Small tact time
  • Small expenses
  • High reliability of the technological process
Cutting and centering

Both ends of the shaft are being cut simultaneously to the appropriate size and centered by the driven tools. Part is clamped firmly. After that, turning processing within this operation is executed.

Your advantage:

  • Reducing of the technological chain (only one machine is necessary instead of two machines)
  • Reducing of tact time and the duration time of the manufacturing cycle
  • Electric motor shaft
  • Cardan shaft
  • Special crankshaft
  • Railway axes
  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • You can choose the machine of VDF series with max. 2 steadies (CNC controlled)
  • Moving independently of each other
Gear spindle
  • Motor spindles or separate drives for the increased torque values are suggested (for main and counter spindle)
  • Traveled counter spindle – automatic transfer of part from the main spindle for processing of the rear side of the part during the second clamping without interference of the operator
  • Complex processing in one set-up provides the shorter processing time with lower expenses for re-adjustment
Integrated loading system

Automatic loading device integrated into the machine allows to load and unload the parts without opening of any loading doors.

Your advantage:

  • Loading and unloading time – up to 5 seconds
  • Small area is necessary.
Gantry loading

Heavy parts can be automatically loaded by the external gantry loader. The machine can be equipped at your choice by one or two loading hatches. Moving can be organized in an optimal way.

Your advantage:

  • Quick loading for the high accurate serial production
  • Transportation of heavy parts with large diameter of the workpiece.
Technical parameters Measure unit VDF 250 T
Working area Mm
Turning length Mm 1850
Diameter of processing above the machine bed Mm 620
Turning diameter (external tool) Mm 290
Bed carrier travel range, axis Z, 1 turret Mm 1943
Cross-feed travel range, Х axis (without Y axis) Mm 200
Cross-feed travel range, Х axis (with Y axis) Mm 200
Main spindle
Spindle head No. А8
Max. Diameter of clamping chuck Mm 250
Spindle hole Mm 103
Diameter of the spindle front bearing Mm 150
Drive stages Quantity 1
Max. speed Rpm 4500
Drive power 40% PV kVt 53
Max. torque 40% PV Nm 662
Tail stock
Center No. МК4
Clamping force kN 8
Feed drives (AC drives)
Rapid traverse speed (Х/Y axis) m/min 25/10
Rapid traverse speed (Z axis) m/min 25
Axis force when drilling kN 8
Tool carrier
Quantity of the tool carriers Pc 3
Quantity of tool holders for each turret head pc 12
Quantity of driven tool holders for each turret head Pc 12
Slots for the cylinder backend according to DIN 69880 Mm 40
Y axis, travel range Mm -30/+50
Total power (one spindle) kVt 65
Dimensions (Length х Width х Height) Mm 5460х2360х2655
Machine weight Kgs. 15000
  • The newest control system with net connection
  • USB interface
  • Module sets of the software
  • Software for the profile and tooth line adjustment
  • Functions of the integrated software (Safety-Integrated) and HMI-Pro
  • Operator navigation menu
  • Tool control, including control of the tool state
  • Optimized control system by the trajectory travel
  • Short processing time
  • High processing speed with the highest accuracy
  • Dynamic control of collisions