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TANDEM machining centres are offered in 3-, 5- or 6-axis configurations and have two modes of processing: Tandem and Shuttle. They are designed for highly efficient processing of small and large batches of middle and large size workpieces in automotive industry, manufacturing of high-precision mechanics and moulds and dies.

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Movable tables at Х-axis of vertical machining centre TANDEM 3 are controlled by two powerful linear motors that provide high dynamic characteristics, high precision, acceleration 10 m/s2 and considerably lower idle time. Linear motors including all transfer devices are low-noise and have low cost of maintenance.

Machining centreTANDEM 3A is designed for highly efficient 3-axis milling of workpieces in such industries as precise engineering, automotive, transport and aerospace, as well as in manufacturing of excavating equipment, agricultural equipment, gearings, moulds and dies.

Manufacturing capacity
  • Usage of two independent pallets in the Shuttle mode lowers time of processing
  • Two pallets are joined into one common surface in the Tandem mode for processing of large-size workpieces
  • Complete processing of workpieces at one unit of equipment due to the tilting head and rotary table – saving of place, time and money
  • The operation modes are switched by a simple pressing of a button at CNC; it lowers machine time and makes operation easier
  • Processing of small-, middle- and large-size parts of different types
  • Two pallets are driven by two highly precise linear motors at X-axis; it excludes other drive mechanisms and provides precise processing and acceleration 10m/s2
  • Linear electric motors are cooled by circulating liquid with temperature regulation that provides high axle dynamics
  • Regulation of temperature differences of the spindle, tilting head and rotary table by means of a conditioning contour provides thermal stability
  • Machining centre is equipped with the enclosure designed in accordance with innovative criteria of industrial design – it provides free access to the working area and convenient loading/unloading of workpieces
  • Convenient operator position: free access to the working area and tool magazine; the big viewing window – preventing of alarm conditions
  • Precise engineering,
  • Automotive industry,
  • Transport industry,
  • Excavating equipment manufacturing,
  • Agricultural equipment manufacturing,
  • Power industry,
  • Aerospace industry,
  • Gearings manufacturing,
  • Mould and dies manufacturing.

Shuttle mode: it overlaps loading/unloading time thus enhancing manufacturing capacity and efficiency of processing.

Usage of two independent pallets (1000 x 770 mm) moving along X-axis. At the end of each cycle the finished part is transported into the loading/unloading station and the pallet with the raw part is moved into the processing station.

Tandem mode: it allows processing of large-size parts.

Two pallets are joined in this mode. Two powerful linear motors placed under the tables are used instead of traditional drives and long lead screws of drive ball screws.

Tool magazine
  • Magazines for 40, 50 or 64 tool locations are available.
  • Tools are easily changed and checked at the magazine chain through sliding door with safety locking without stopping of a manufacturing cycle.
  • Sigma Tool Check control panel placed nearby the loading/unloading station is directly connected with CNC and allows all operations with the tool magazine.
Technical parameters Unit TANDEM 3A
Working area
X-axis travel range (Shuttle mode) mm 2х1000
X-axis travel range (Tandem mode) mm 2100
Y-axis travel range mm 810
Feed rate at X/Y/Z-axis m/min 50
Distance between spindle and table surface with SK taper mm 150 - 780
Table surface (Shuttle mode) 2 х (770 х 1000)
Table surface (Tandem mode) mm 770 х 2100
Max. load on work table (Shuttle mode) 2 х 1000
Max. load on work table (Tandem mode) kg 2 500
Speed rpm 8000 12 000 15 000 18 000 19 000 24 000 24 000
Tool holder taper type SK 50 SK40
HSK-A-63 HSK-A-63 HSK-A-63 HSK-A-63
Max. available power S1/S6 kW 25/27 22/33 25/27 21/25 22/27 19/27 42/54,5
Max. available torque S1/S6 Nm 160/235 130/180 160/235 100/120 105/158 60/86 67/87
Tool magazine
Tool magazine capacity quantity 40 48 50 60 64
Max. tool diameter/length mm 125(125 with adjacent locations empty)/300 76 (127 with adjacent locations empty)/300 80 (280 with adjacent locations empty)/300 76 (127 with adjacent locations empty)/300 70 (140 with adjacent locations empty)/300
Chip-to-chip tool change time sec 7 5 5 5 5
Tool selection/automatic tool change device type random/double gripper arm
Tool magazine control type Electronic control panel "Sigma Tool Check"
Other data
Overall dimensions (WхLхH) m 6,4x4,3x3,25
Weight kg 15 000
  • New control technology with network connection
  • USB interface
  • Module software packages
  • Software for tooth profile and flank line correction
  • Safety-Integrated and HMI-Pro
  • Operator guide menu
  • Tool management including tool condition control
  • Optimized system of path control
  • Short processing time
  • High processing speed with maximal accuracy
  • Dynamic control of collisions