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Series TANDEM. 3-5-6 axes centers with «Shuttle Mode» or «Tandem Mode» technologies

The new TANDEM machining centers configured in 3-5-6 axes versions, permit the «Dual Mode» machining consisting of the pallet mode «Shuttle Mode» or the mode with joined tables «Tandem Mode». TANDEM machines have been designed for obtaining a high productivity in the machining of small to mid to large-sized series according to the most various combinations of production mixes in the precision mechanics, automotive, transports, ground movement, agricultural machines, aeronautics, energy, reducers and moulds and dies production fields.
Three models are available: TANDEM 3A, TANDEM 5A and TANDEM 6A which differentiate for the number of available continuous axes and for the X-axis traverse of 1,000 and 1,500 mm (Shuttle Mode) and 2,100 (Tandem Mode).
The pallet-change usage named «Shuttle Mode» permits to use two tables which can move independently along X-axis. The machine is divided into 3 operating stations, one machining central station, two stations, one on the right and the other one on the left for charging/discharging pieces. Every time the working cycle finishes, tables are translated: the one with the finished piece goes into the charging/discharging station whereas the table with the rough piece reaches the machining station.
Shuttle Mode permits to mask the times of piece charging/discharging, ensuring a high productivity and efficiency value.
The use with the «Tandem Mode» permits the machining of large-sized pieces, thanks to the X-axis traverse of 2,100 mm.
In the 3-axes version the movable tables on X-axis are operated by two very high performance linear motors, permitting a high dynamicity, a very high precision, a 10 m/s? acceleration and a drastic reduction of idle times. Furthermore the linear motors, removing all the transmission bodies, promote reduced maintenance costs and functioning silence.
The 5-axes version bases itself on the tilting head configuration (B-axis ±110°) and a rotary table (C-axis) of diameter of 660 mm.
The 6-axes version is equipped with tilting head and two rotary tables embedded in the two movable tables.
The possible configurations and available options allow to «dress» the machine according to the specific production needs of the client.

The TANDEM vertical machining centers, as well as the whole range of SIGMA products, integrate the excellent performances derived from the so-called SIGMA DNA.