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Series NBH. 5-axes centers with swivel head

New standards in complex machining

Economically efficient 5 axes machining has nowadays a broad range of applications practically in all lines of industry. The machining centers NBH are successfully used to manufacture complex-shape parts. For example, in multi-faced machining, drilling and boring of holes, working of surfaces at different angles and machining of free-shaped surfaces. These centers are presented as two basic concepts off Hüller Hille product line.

  • Complex (5-axes) machining at one setup
  • High precision as there is no need to re-set up a workpiece
  • Reduction of unit cost through using one machine instead of several ones
  • Cost saving through reduced number of used clamping devices
  • Using as positioning axis or for parallel machining
  • Large range of workpieces, materials from light metals to titanium, Inconel and hard metal cutting are possible
  • High productivity and easy resetting due to unique technology of tool magazines

Applications of NBH 5X:

  • 5-axes machining of non-rotational parts in general machinery
  • Complex machining of precision parts with tight form and position tolerances in engine construction and automotive industry
  • 5-faced machining with long and heavy tools and boring tools of big diameters for manufacturing of gear-box housings
  • High efficiency of 5-faced machining through reduction of number of workpiece settings and higher precision due to reduced deviations of clamping in valves and pumps manufacturing
  • Extraordinary quality of parts surface in production of molds and accessories
  • Machining of aluminum components (high productivity) and high-strength parts of titanium and Inconel (high torque), cutting off up to 90% of raw part metal for the aerospace industry.