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NBH 5 with pallet size 500х500 is especially suited for machining of middle size parts in small and large batch production. Wide range of tool magazines with different tool capacity allows integrating of machines into specific production.

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Technical advantages
  • Modular machine construction with different types of tables, spindles and magazines allows choosing of machines conforming to specific customers’ requirements
  • Rigid control system with large ball-screws, bearings and profiled guide ways with backlash-free preloaded guiding devices, as well as high static masses of machine beds provide power cutting and wear resistance
  • Digital drives with numerically controlled brushless servo motors have enclosed constructions and are maintenance-free
Main advantages
  • Special design of the machine lowers expenses for spare parts
  • Machines of NBH series are easily integrated into one production line conforming to requirements of the customer
  • Rigid machine bed provides reliable operating and stable precise processing
  • Designing with high-tech innovative technologies
  • Reliable and long-term investment
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Easy integration into flexible multi-pallet storage and automatic production systems
Rigid constructions of bed and column
  • Construction of coordinate boring machine type
  • Monolithic ribbed construction
  • 3-point bearing provides rigidness of construction
  • Construction stability is calculated using FEM method
  • Optimization with a help of Tosca simulation software
  • Construction is tested using sinusoidal oscillations method
  • Light welded construction of column with high rigidity
  • Thermally stable construction of the clamping device of the working spindle
  • Easy access to parts of the working spindle. Easy maintenance
Rail guideways
  • Backlash-free rail guideways; the machine is equipped with the direct positioning system at all linear axes
  • Optional optical scales
  • High rigidity and precision of machining
  • Free step axis movement
  • High permissible load and, as a result, long lifespan
Digital feed drives
  • Easy maintenance: 3-phase brushless motors are equipped with enclosed casing and digital control
  • High acceleration, operation speed and positioning accuracy at axes
  • Direct power transferring to high frequency ball screws at X- and Z-axis
  • Acceleration - 8 m/s2, rapid traverse 65 m/min
  • twin pump casing,
  • truck axle housing,
  • casing,
  • valve cover,
  • cylinder block
Motor spindle

Wide range of motor spindles with different torques and speeds allows choosing of equipment that fully conforms to requirements of production. Wide range of options allows precisely choosing the machine configuration that completely conforms to the specific production task. Cylindrical motor spindles are easily replaced. Easy and quick maintenance and exploitation.

Advantages of motor spindles:

  • Short acceleration and breaking time
  • Enlarged maximal speed
  • Low level of noise and vibration during working
  • Contactless pressurization system with compressed air
Modular tool magazines

Choosing of an individual tool magazine conforming to production needs of the customer. Wide range of options for tool magazines of NBH machines allows choosing of optimal solution for your production:

  • Disk-type magazine with Pick-up system for 40 tool locations:
    • Proven, reliable and cost-effective
    • Quick changing of tools in the spindle by pick-up system
    • Steel tool holder brackets
  • Rack type magazine:
    • Quick electromechanical tool changing device with automatic mechanical clamping when swivelling
    • Tool station for loading/unloading of tools during machining
    • Taper cleaner is integrated into tool changing unit
Hydraulic clamping

2- or 6-line hydraulic clamping that is activated inside of the setup station of the working area. Optional pneumatic version.

Workpiece measuring

Measuring probe with infrared data transmission for measuring of workpieces or/and clamping devices during processing. Tool changing unit automatically mounts the measuring probe at the spindle.

Tool monitoring

Upgrading of the monitoring system to the full safety package for fully automatic production.

Tool management system Huller Hille
  • Tool wear/lifespan monitoring system. Automatic changing of pairs of tools
  • Tool breakage detection inside of the tool magazine during machining
Clamping head for 4-stage milling and drilling

Transferring of high torque and cutting force to power drilling and milling heads (up to 50 kg).

Horizontal machining centre Unit NBH 5
Working range
Х-axis traverse mm 700
Y-axis traverse mm 630
Z-axis traverse mm 700
Swing circle diameter mm 700
Fixture height mm 1000
Position measuring system type direct
Integrated into profiled guideway standard
Optical scale option
Positioning error А (DIN ISO 230-2) mm 0,007
Pallet / Rotary table
Pallet clamping surface DIN 55201 mm 500х500
Pallet load kg 500
Torque table, smallest fraction degree 0,001
Swivelling speed В-axis rpm 80
Pallet change time VDI 2852 sec 9
Motor spindle
Speed max. rpm 15000
Power 100% 40% duty kW 14/20
Torque 100% 40% duty Nm 146/202
Feed / rapid traverse
Feed force at X- / Y- / Z-axis kN 5/5/7
Feed range mm/min 0-50000
Rapid traverse X / Y / Z-axis m/min 50
Acceleration X / Y / Z-axis m/sec2 7
Disk tool magazine Quantity of locations 40
Max. tool diameter mm 80
... with adjacent tool locations empty mm 150
Max. tool length mm 350
Max. tool weight kg 10
Chip-to chip time (VDI 2852) sec 4
Rack-type / cassette tool magazine type rack
Tool loading/unloading station quantity 4
Tool cassette quantity -
Tool location quantity 134
Tool diameter max. mm 80
... with adjacent locations empty mm 150
Special tools (diameter х width х length) mm -
Max. tool length mm 350
Max. tool weight kg 10
Chip-to-chip time (VDI 2852) sec 4
Standard CNC Siemens Sinumerik 840D sl:
  • Efficient 32-bit modular CNC microprocessor
  • Digital drive technology
  • Absolute or distance-coded position measuring system:
    • Start-up time converges to zero
    • There are no limit switches at axes and reference switches
  • User interface based on WINDOWS operation system:
    • CNC operator panel with 12‘‘ TFT colour display and integrated keyboard
    • Convenient adjustment due to the operator panel of tool magazine
  • Advanced CNC functions:
    • Tool management with technology of automatic tool changing in pairs
    • Tool wear quantity monitoring
  • Standard Ethernet and USB connections.

Tool management function allows interactively determining required space. Automatic system of tool placement allows using every millimetre of magazine space taking into account adjacent locations and excluding collisions.

Diagnostic functions:

  • Eligible text of error messages
  • Storing of machine and production data
  • Remote diagnostics and maintenance