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Series NBH. 3 and 4 axes machining centers

Hüller Hille has adapted the highly successful for decades NBH series on new platforms. Within the range of pallet sizes from 500 x 500 mm up to 100 x 1250 mm you can get a sound, based on more than 40 years of experience machine concept which guaranties the renowned NBH quality.

Due to the state-of-art concepts of NBH series you can achieve a high productivity and low unit cost, high technological availability of equipment, friendly servicing and maintenance as well as flexibility of use and integration. The ideal application field of NBH is large-scale production in the automotive and automotive components industry, mid- and small batch and one-off production in industrial metal cutting.

Range of applications:

  • Large-scale production with short cycles and chucking
  • One-off, small- and mid-batch production.
  • Full machining process
  • Fully automated production, including monitoring of manufacturing process
  • Heavy machining
  • Large parts machining