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H 900

H 900

The machine is designed for processing of big gears, pinions, shafts, ring gears and internal gears with diameter up to 900mm and module 28mm. Rigid and stable design of main machine components provides damping of vibrations and prevents heating. Integrated mode provides even heating of workpieces thus preventing them from deformation and loosing of accuracy.

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  • All machine models comprise module components
  • Rigid and reliable hob heads with high torque drive allow using of modern tool technologies
  • Retractable tailstock provides space for workpiece replacement by crane
  • Steady rest of the counter column is adjusted for processing of long parts
Integrated auxiliary units
  • Hydraulic and media units are seen through big viewing windows of doors
  • The machine can be transported without dismounting of its components
  • Quick and cost-effective installation and adjustment
  • The machine can be quickly transported when replacing of production
Power, precision and power-efficiency
  • Backlash drive of high-precision double worm gear
  • High quality with even acceleration and feed even at low rotary speeds of the work table
  • High power-efficiency in comparison with direct drives

For processing of parts with large modules and tooth height Modul machines with PowerCutting option are recommended. This option includes a high-capacity hob head with enlarged swivel angle.

  • High torque 1500 Nm
  • Drive with water cooling
  • Big size of mills – up to 300 mm
  • Enlarged swivel angle

PowerCutting hob head provides maximal utilisation of capacity of mills with swivelling cutting inserts. Depending on size of batch and cost of tools the parts are hobbed or form milled. PowerCutting hob head and corresponding special equipment are especially recommended for milling of parts with large modules, teeth with nonstandard height, gears with large angles of inclination, hardened or ductile materials and especially long or heavy workpieces.

  • rotor
  • drive gear
  • blocking gear
  • shaft with cylinder-head screw
  • locomotive driving axle
Form milling of internal gears
  • Optional milling head for processing of internal gears
  • Depending on gear width the milling head arm is extended due to enlarging of drive chains and transmission steps
  • Milling is more effective than gear shaping
Manual clamping of workpiece
  • Clamping of internal gears
  • Clamping of external gears
Automation with a help of ring loader
  • Ring loader with two or more stations
  • Two axis, one of which is CNC-controlled
  • Hydraulically controlled ring loader movement
  • Independent movement of clamping unit
  • Max. workpiece weight 150 kg
Technical parameters Unit H 900
Max. workpiece diameter mm 900
Max. module mm 24/28
Radial movement (Х) mm 65-695
Max. radial feed speed mm/min 3000
Tangential movement (Y) mm 350 (520)
Max. tangential feed speed mm/min 1500
Axial movement (Z) mm 310-1310 (310-1710)
Max. axial feed speed mm/min 3000
Milling spindle rotary speed rpm 25-250 (32-320)
Milling spindle power kW 46
Milling spindle nominal torque Nm 3800
Milling head swivel angle degree ±45 (±60)
Tool clamping arbour fixture taper SK60
Max. mill diameter mm 450
Max. mill length mm 500 (600)
Max. table rotary speed rpm 0,1 - 16 (0,2 - 32)
Table diameter mm 700
Table hole diameter mm 270
Total connected load kW 100
CNC system Siemens 840 D Solutionline
Quantity of controlled CNC axes 6
Weight kg 26000
Overall dimensions (L х W х H) mm 7300х4800х4000
  • Innovative control technology with network connection
  • USB interface
  • Module software packages
  • Software for tooth profile and flank correction
  • Safety-Integrated and HMI-Pro
  • Menu-guided operator interface
  • Tool management, including tool condition monitoring