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Horizontal turning

One of the most widely applied methods of metal machining is turning – process of manufacturing of rotation bodies by cutting layers of metal from workpieces till getting the required shape, size and surface quality.

This type of machining is done with machines which are called lathes. They constitute a considerable part of the equipment pool.

Main types of operation performed with lathes:

  • Machining of cylinder, conical, profiled, end-face surfaces, ledges
  • Groove cutting
  • Cutting parts of workpieces
  • Drilling, boring, countersinking and hole reaming
  • Thread cutting
  • Roll forming

There are several types of lathes:

  • universal
  • special-purpose
  • specialized lathes

Universal lathes are the most wide-spread. They allow performing practically all kinds of turning operations. Special-purpose lathes are used to manufacture one part of a certain type; usually they are not adjustable for production of other parts. Specialized lathes are generally intended for machining in large-scale production. They are characterized by special accessories and tools used for processing of workpieces. Notably, in recent years automatic lathing centers are coming to wide-spread practice performing almost all operation tasks with minimal human interference.

TOR Engineering is a representative of a well-known German manufacturer of horizontal turning equipment Boehringer, which produces various ranges of horizontal lathes from basic universal models to turning and turn-milling 5 axes machining centers.

Boehringer focuses its activities on production of:

  • universal lathes
  • horizontal turning centers
  • horizontal turn-milling centers