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Gantry machines

The main purpose of gantry-type milling machines is processing large metal workpieces for medical, engineering, foundry and aerospace industries. The fundamental advantage in this case is increased dimensions of working area. Machine operator can optimize tooling for a wide variety of additional operations. Parts can be machined with 3 or 5 axes, which depends on their geometry and dimensions.

JOBS have been producing high-speed, high-power and high-performance 3- and 5-axis mid-range continuous milling machines for 37 years. The key factor of the company's success is constant implementation of modern technologies, development of new machines as well as JOBS' ability to integrate their machines into highly-automated production systems.

JOBS (Italy) is a machine-tool group which includes milling center manufacturers such as Rambaudi and Sachman. Rambaudi specializes in high-speed machines or high chip removal capacity machines and solutions conceived specifically for production of molds and dies and general engineering. Sachman specializes in production of moving column milling centers.