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ELB-Rotary V

ELB-Rotary V
Rotary V – rotary-grinding machines with vertical spindle. This type of machines allows grinding both internal and external surfaces
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    • The arrangement enables the machine to perform ID and OD grinding tasks
    • Flexibility in the application of spindle
    • Precision rotary tables
    • Spindle rotation mechanism
    • Rotary table as an additional CNC axis B (optional)
    • Automatic tool change, optional
  • Different concepts of part clamping
  • Different concepts of tool change
  • Different concepts of part loading/unloading and measurement
  • Recommendations for selection of abrasive and dressing tools
  • Individual programming of NC masks
  • Machining parameters optimization
  • cylindrical grinding
  • high-precision grinding applications of large rotation-symmetrical work pieces
Technical specification Unit 4 6 8 10 12
Table diameter mm 400 600 800 1000 1200
Grinding height mm 400 (+200)
Spindle power kW 7/10/24/5500 kW-16000 rpm, adjustable
Spindle cone mm 36/(HSK 63)
Grinding wheel mm 300х50х76,2
Grinding feeds, feed pitch 0.001 mm Axis Z, Y