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ELB-Micro Cut 4

ELB-Micro Cut 4
ELB-series Micro Cut 4-machines with fixed table and a travelling column were specifically designed to meet the requirements of profile creep-feed and pendulum grinding applications. Micro Cut 4 modules are used to configure special multi-spindle machines and production cells
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  • Compactness and productivity: minimal foot print
  • Ideal for cell layout
  • High performance
  • Use in complex with index tables
  • Dual-spindle design
  • For simultaneous grinding from two sides, two grinding spindles are mounted one atop of the other. The design ensures high performance and precision of grinding. With the Sinumerik 840D CNC control the micro Cut can grind complex shapes by interpolating multiple axes. Proven ELB programming templates are available for most grinding applications
  • Micro-Cut 4 RT are equipped with an index table where multiple clamping devices can be mounted. Workpiece loading/unloading is done during machining times which reduces non-productive time to zero. Combination with 2 or 3 axis trunion tables are ideal for 4-sided machining in one setup. Various configurations of dressing units allow using continuous and combined dress creep feed technologies
  • The modular traveling column design of Micro-Cut 4 S machines offers a small foot print. The fixed table allows using complex devices and together with flexible modular design makes the machine structure ideal for configuration into production lines and cells
  • Different concepts of part clamping
  • Different concepts of tool change
  • Different concepts of part loading/unloading and measurement
  • Recommendations for selection of abrasive and dressing tools
  • Individual programming of NC masks
  • Machining parameters optimization
Machines are suitable for universal applications in profile creep-feed grinding and pendulum grinding
Technical specification Unit 250 RT 250 S 320 S/DS 520 S
Grinding width mm 275 300 400 600
Grinding length mm 400 500 700 700
Grinding height mm 400/600 400/600 400/600 400/600
Spindle power кВт 22-45 22-52 37-52 37-52
Spindle cone mm 60/75/HSK 60/75/HSK 75/90/HSK 90/125/HSK
Grinding wheel (LxWxH) mm 400х100х127 400х100х127 500х(100/160)х203,2
  • This control package can interpolate up to 5 axes. This enables high precision machining of spherical, conical and any other shapes
  • Infinite possibilities of creation profiles/shapes of grinding wheels
  • Modern SIEMENS drives in combination with HEIDENHAIN linear measuring systems allow dynamic and precision control machine axes
  • Machine control system meets all latest European requirements of production safety. CNC ensures constant monitoring of all important control parameters and grinding process. All doors and openings of machine enclosure have safety locks
  • Machining programs can be safely completed when necessary with no damage to the parts and machine units