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Equipment available

NDM 200-4 Ready for dispatch in Germany
NDM 200-4
Horizontal turning machine NDM 200-4 perfectly combines in itself reliability and precise processing and is suitable for many-purpose processing of shafts and cartridges.
NBV 250 DUO Ready for dispatch in Germany
Vertical milling machining centre NBV 250 DUO is designed for machining of small size parts in large-batch production. Two spindles provide double capacity of the machine. It is used in automotive, instrument making, electric equipment and pneumatic system industries.
NBH P 80 Ready for dispatch in Germany
NBH P 80
New compact machining centre NBH P 80 is cost-effective and does not require huge investments. The new series model is developed and produced in Mosbach. It combines in itself reliability, modern technologies and options for practical configuration.
NBH 800 Ready for dispatch in Germany
NBH 800
Horizontal milling machining centre NBH 800 with pallet size 800х800 provides high precision of machining due to horizontal boring machine placement of axes, the considerable shortening of pallet change time is provided by the pallet change device with 180° rotary range.
NBH 6 Ready for dispatch in Germany
Compact horizontal milling machining centre NBH 6 with pallet size 630х630 provides high accuracy of machining due to horizontal boring machine principle of axis placement.
NBH 5 Ready for dispatch in Germany
Compact horizontal milling centre NBH 5 with pallet size 500х500 has Х-axis gideways placed at two different levels on its bed for ideal support and optimal retaining of cutting forces.
DVT 300 Ready for dispatch in Germany
DVT 300
Vertical turning machine DVT is designed for machining of parts with maximal diameter 300 mm and height up to 320 mm. The spacious working area provides enough space for mounting of the 12-position turret head. Two parallelly placed motor spindles provide transporting of workpieces with high positioning accuracy.
VDF 560 DUS Ready for dispatch in Germany
Versatile turning machine VDF 560 DUS provides effective and precise machining of parts with length up to 2 m. It can be used both in the manual mode for single-part production and in the automatic mode for large-batch production.
Huller Hille NBV 400 Available in the showroom
Huller Hille NBV 400
Vertical milling machining centre Huller Hille NBV400 is designed for processing of complex parts and has exceptional milling and turning characteristics. The modular construction of machines with different types of tables, spindles and tool magazines allows from economy 3-axis to complex simultaneous 5-axis machining as well as combined milling/turning machining with fast rotary C-axis.
DVH 300 Available in the showroom
DVH 300
Compact lathe with suspended position of motor spindle. Integrated pick-up technology allowing automatic loading and unloading ensures high productivity. Applicable for middle- and large-batch production.