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Seminar: «Efficiency of reconstruction and retooling of machine building companies: experience, prospects and risks»

On March 19, the research and practice seminar was held in Nizhny Novgorod attended by senior officers and lead-specialists of largest machine-building companies of Nizhny Novgorod region and Moscow. The topic of the seminar was «Efficiency of reconstruction and retooling of machine building companies: experience, prospects and risks».

The event was organized by the local department of «Russian machine-builders union» LLC in Nizhny Novgorod jointly with the Commission for development of engineering in machine building within the Russian machine-builders union.

An engineering company of Nizhny Novgorod, TOR-Engineering LLC, supported the seminar. Hosting research and practical seminars and conferences on the company’s Training Center premises has become a good tradition. Since 2010 leaders of Russian machine building, representatives of authorities and manufacturers and suppliers of domestic and foreign-originated equipment have been taking part in them.

The machine building has always been one of the most important and promising lines of industry in Russia. Dynamic of the economic growth of our country depends on modernization and retooling of this branch.

The event was focused on providing machine-building companies of Nizhny Novgorod with information, practical and academic support.

During the seminar directors of the leading supply companies of domestic and foreign equipment held their presentations which were dedicated mainly to practical aspects of retooling and modernization of manufacturing productions («Modern milling and turning technologies» from FFG Europe and TOR Engineering, «Process audit. Ways of enhancement of process efficiency of machine building companies based on computational modeling and optimization», «Integrated approach to retooling and revamping projects for machine building companies»). In addition, aims and goals of the subcommittee for technical design were announced (speaker – commission chairperson, Mr. Boris Degtyarev) and a walking tour of the TOR Engineering service and training center was done.

Senior officers and main technical specialists of the largest machine building companies of the region – OKBM Afrikantov, Gidromash, Instrument building plant of Arzamas, NIPOM, concern Almaz-Antey, Electro-technical factory of Lyskovo, Normal factory, Frunze factory, Rostechnologii group of companies and others, attended the seminar.

In closing, Mr. Vladimir Skudnyakov spoke on behalf of the Ministry of industry and appealed to the audience to take part in the process of amending the federal law «On industrial policy in the Russian Federation». This is supposed to help the authorities better understand existing problems of the Russian machine building in its current state and make the law more focused on the industry.

Similar seminars were held in Saint Petersburg (OJSC «Admiralty shipyards») and Chelyabinsk (OJSC «Tractor factory of Chelyabinsk»). The seminars were an effective basis for consolidation, organization and sharing opinion and experience among the members of the professional community.

The magazines Poisk-NN, Business newspaper of Nizhny Novgorod, RIA «Vremya N».

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