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Summary of seminar «Modern gear hobbing technologies»

On October 27th the research and practice seminar on gear hobbing technologies took place in Moscow under the sponsorship of FFG group. Many of our partners – Modul, Hessapp, MHD, Kapp Niles, Sandvik – participated in the event. Their presentations were made on specific features of machining processes on gear hobbing, gear grinding and gear shaping machines.

The Modul expert’s report on machining of gear on lathes attracted the most interest of the audience. The speaker shared his experience on operation of such equipment at Russian factories. The report presented H200/H400 machines, designed for flexible and cost-efficient production of gears.

The MHD representatives gave talk on manufacturing of bevel gears. The expert from Kapp Niles, German manufacturer of gear cutting equipment, presented its grinding process for complex-shaped gears and production of precision parts.

Sandvik demonstrated its engineering solutions for gear cutting: hobs and disk mills for special-purpose gear cutting machines, wide range of solutions for 5-x machines and its newest technology InvoMillin – the unique solution for machining of spur and helical gears with insert cutters. This technology allows complete machining in one setup.

TOR Engineering thanks FFG for the excellent event and our guests and participants for their interest in this event!

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