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117-th birthday of JSC Red Anchor factory

On July, 18 the festive event took place on the occasion of the 117th (!) birthday of our reliable partner for engineering projects – Red Anchor factory.

The celebration was marked with a Spartakiade! The participants of the event were the factory workers, representatives of the local authorities, partners and friends of the factory, their families and close friends. The Spartakiade was held in Pavlovo region at the recreation camp "Krasny Kurgan". Warm and friendly ambiance and sunny weather set a great mood to all the participants.

The personnel of TOR Engineering who got actively involved in the celebration would like to express their gratitude to the CEO of the factory, Mr. Dmitry Barykin, for the opportunity to take part in the well-organized wonderful event and for the exceptional idea of Spartakiade!

Every participant of the Spartakiade was able to pick up an activity which they liked most, sometimes even two or three. And there were quite a good deal of them: bicycle race, multi-sports competition, chess and checkers tournaments, orienteering and even fishing!

The Spartakiade opened with the bicycle race. Men and women had both different target distances – 5 and 10 kilometers respectively. Everything was serious! The race was eventually very exciting and cheerful, all the guests of the celebration came to support the first contestants. The race was routed through the cross-country locality: forest, soil road and highway. The main referee of the factory – Alexey Leonidovich Samoilov – followed up the contest to make sure that all the rules were duly respected. The winner among men was a representative of Red Anchor factory, Adrey Gorev; the first place among women was taken by our colleague, member of TOR Engineering team, Oksana Balakina.

The racing was followed by beach volleyball. Several male teams took part in this contest – the team of the Training center, Big chains workshop, Steel structures welding workshop and the team of Transport department. The gameplay was organized according to the Olympic system: three sets played to 11. The male contest lasted for 3 (!) hours; at the end the players were completely exhausted. The leader was the Big chains workshop team who gained the maximum score. The best male player was Sergey Tkachenko. There were also two female teams; the victory was achieved by the team of Red Anchor factory.

The most exciting and fascinating contest of the Spartakiade was multidiscipline competition on the rope course! The teams contended in dexterity, speed and force. The main part of the multidiscipline contest was to get through a rope trace as fast as possible, which was also performed admirably!

The result of that joyful competition was a lot of long-lasting positive emotions, energy boost for a long time and a great motivation to keep doing sports in the future.

The most spectacular and emotionally-charged for supporters was a football tournament among male teams! The gameplay was also arranged according to the Olympic system: two times 15 minutes. Three teams played: Big chains workshop, Steel structures assembly workshop and Training center. The training center team included TOR Engineering employees as well. The contending teams were passionately supported by the fans: the grandstands were yelling nonstop, everyone was supporting their “the best” colleagues, family and friends. The top spot was taken by the team of Steel structures assembly workshop, which scored three goals more than the team of Training center. Mikhail Golubev was acknowledged to be the best front man. The team of Big chains workshop was the third, coming off second best in the last match.

Within the framework of the Spartakiade the united chess and checkers tournament was held. The winner was Sergey Titus, employee of Red Anchor factory.

All volunteers were welcome to take part in the fishing tournament, which was at 4 a.m. the day after. Only the most sturdy and inexhaustible participants of the Spartakiade could join it. The results were counted in the categories “The biggest fish” and “The biggest catch”. Our partners’ representatives – Yulia Bakaeva and Sergey Kremeshkov – drew the top place in the fishing contest.

While the guests of the event were contending in sports games, the youngest participants of the Spartakiade were on a mystery treasure quest together with pirates near a real old military aircraft; they were also solving riddles, taking part in funny relay races, going to the beach for a picnic, drawing pictures on the pavement and making soap bubbles. Each little guest got an arts-and-crafts set and sweets as a present from Red Anchor factory. The youngest participant was only 8 month old.

All the staff of TOR Engineering and partner-companies express their gratitude to the staff department of the factory for selfless work and restless nights spent for preparation of the "Spartakiade 117"!

During the whole celebration creative friends of our partners – film crew of the academy of motion picture "Kinoostrov" was shooting a film about the celebration, creating the atmosphere of a film set. We are really looking forward to seeing the film about the Spartakiade and our "workshop" colleagues. See it soon on the site!

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