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Productivity control

PRO Monitoring system.

Effective control of equipment in one network.

Revealing of bottlenecks.

Reporting system.

PRO system acquires data from CNC of modern machines (or data from ACM and VCM). Using this data the specific statistic reports are formed for different managers.

Each working place can be adjusted for the required reports showing quantity of manufactured parts, production capacity of a gang or workshop, per day or shift as well as time of machine work under load and idle time with its causes.

The main aim is to reveal bottlenecks of a production facility and enhance its efficiency.

The maximal economical effect of OMATIVE system is achieved when it is used in medium and large batch production.

OMATIVE-PRO system is an effective managing tool that provides sufficient help in control of production and effectiveness of machines. It synchronizes, coordinates, analyses and optimises manufacturing capacity.

Core components of PRO system

OMATIVE-PRO can be installed on a PC with minimal RAM 256 Mb and operation system Windows 2000, NT or XP.

OMATIVE-PRO consists of the following components:


OMATIVE-PRO Server is an MFC-based client-server application monitoring OMATIVE ACM and VCM stations. In up-to-date РС-based СNCs ACM station is integrated into СNC and connected with OMATIVE-PRO Server through TCP/IP interface. In older versions of СNCs ACM and OMATIVE-PRO Server are connected through RS232 serial port or special RS232/Ethernet transformer.

OMATIVE-PRO Server performs two main functions:

  • Real-time acquisition of actual data (feed, power (in %), spindle condition at each instant) and information about events (start of NC program, start and end of operations, breakdowns) from connected machines and storage of this information on the Server.
  • Dispatch of data to all working stations of OMATIVE-PRO connected to the Server according to their requirements.

Thus OMATIVE-PRO Server acts as a client (with OMATIVE ACM application) and as a server (with OMATIVE-PRO application) at the same time.

In order to perform constant monitoring OMATIVE-PRO Server should start on a local server station together with the start of operation system and work constantly. OMATIVE-PRO Server is supplied with a special dongle that restricts the maximal quantity of simultaneously working OMATIVE-PRO Working Stations and machines simultaneously connected to the system.

2. OMATIVE-PRO working station

OMATIVE-PRO working station — is a Windows application that shows the data acquired from ACM stations connected to the network and saved on OMATIVE-PRO Server on a PC screen. It shows data of real-time monitoring of a machine, history of machine work and different statistical reports. Moreover, OMATIVE-PRO helps to prepare data for ACM stations at a user’s working place instead of doing it near the machine. Monitoring of events that happen at machines and sending of data necessary for working to machines can be done from any OMATIVE-PRO Working Station.

Every machine should be equipped with OMATIVE ACM (System of adaptive control and monitoring) to acquire data from CNC machines and send it to OMATIVE-PRO.

Functions of OMATIVE-PRO

  • Efficient production monitoring

OMATIVE-PRO shows the following information conditions of every machine in a real-time: machine ON/OFF, current workpiece being machined, operation and tool, spindle ON/OFF, tool in material, tool overload, machine breakage, etc.

  • Efficient machine status monitoring

During cutting OMATIVE-PRO displays in real time changes of load and feed rate as well as such important information for assessment of production efficiency as actual cutting time (time of tool in metal), time of start and end of a workpiece machining, time of start and end of tool work, spindle rotation, overload, etc. All information can be stored for further analysis.

  • Machine statistics

OMATIVE-PRO provides thorough statistical reports for every machine. Reports include the following information:

  • Machine work and idle time
  • Data on tools used
  • Quantity of manufactured parts
  • Conditions of spindle rotation
  • Overall equipment efficiency
  • Time of workpiece machining and work of every tool
  • Record of production events

OMATIVE-PRO acquires information on the events that happen at machines, such as start of NC program, tool change, etc., from OMATIVE ACM. OMATIVE-PRO processes and stores this information for further browsing, analysis and statistic reports.

  • OMATIVE ACM control

OMATIVE-PRO helps to adjust parameters of OMATIVE ACM work remotely. OMATIVE-PRO helps to prepare the data for adjustment of OMATIVE ACM for processing different parts and to send it to OMATIVE ACM installed on machines.

  • Production statistics

OMATIVE-PRO provides a variety of reports, graphs and documents necessary for thorough assessment of production efficiency. The list of available reports is given below:

  • Production report — includes the data grouped according to names of manufactured parts. The report includes the data on quantity of manufactured parts and completeness of production plan in per cent for the given period of time.
  • Idle time report includes the data on planned and unplanned idle time shown in percentage of the total idle time for any selected time lapse.

Productivity report – compares actual data (production time, idle time, adjustment time, etc.) with the plan for any selected time lapse.

  • History of machine work

Together with the production history OMATIVE-PRO can store and display detailed information on conditions of each machine. This information includes changes of load and feed rate during cutting, time of tool in metal and in air, etc. OMATIVE-PRO stores the information for the last 48 hours with 1 second resolution.

  • Tool statistics

The system can show different statistic data associated with the use of each tool:

  • Tool name (T1, T2, etc.)
  • How many times the tool was called during the given period of time
  • Total time of tool work for a selected time lapse
  • Time of tool in metal for a selected time lapse
  • Minimal feed rate for a selected time lapse
  • Maximal feed rate for a selected time lapse

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