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Environmental protection

TOR Engineering makes contribution to reduction of total energy requirements and consumables: we implement specific measures against growing consumption and depletion of natural resources. Machines, accessories and production units from our suppliers are designed to have minimal parameters of resources consumption:

  • Power consumption
  • Consumption of coolant and greasing
  • Performance of exhaust ventilation of the machine working area
  • Consumption of compressed air by machines and support devices
  • Cooling of the machine components

Optimization of production process and improvement of the product quality are closely related to resources preservation activities:

  • control of consumables intake within lower production demand: e.g. in stand-by mode the delivery volume of cooling mixture diminishes.
  • automatic switching to “sleeping” mode
  • automatic start of a machine after breaks
  • purposeful use of elements with low power consumption in machines and periphery devices
  • lowering axes acceleration within a low overall volume of output
  • reduction of loading time due to rational automation solutions
  • controlled cooling of the distribution cabinet and drives
  • return of power from drive gears
  • reduction of weight of all dynamic components
  • dry machining with minimal quantity of coolant instead of traditional wet processing
  • optimized working areas in order to lower the volume of exhausting ventilation and rinsing
  • reduction of circulation quantity of hydraulic oil and complete non-oil design of new machines.

Down-the-line implementation of the mentioned and other measures enables us to achieve considerable saving when operating industrial machinery. Due to this fact new series of equipment supplied by FFG Europe reach up to 30 % power saving compared to machines of preceding series.