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Founded in 1865 in Leonberg, Germany, W&F designs and produces machines, consisting of standard integral units for metal cutting and develops production facilities for manufacturing wide range of details. Brand Witzig & Frank stands for the world’s leading machine manufacturer. The company works extensively with overseas partners all over the world. In 2010 the company became a part of MAG, in 2013г. – a part of FFGWerke Gmbh.
German machine building company which is specialized in gear hobbing equipment, based in Chemnitz, Germany. Originally the company was started as a manufacturer of high-quality gear-cutting tools under the name of Samputensili and had only 20 employees. In 1971 a new plant was built in Ortona, Italy. In 2013 the agreement was signed stipulating acquisition of Module from German corporate group MAG IAS GmbH by Taiwan Fair Friend Group.
Founded in 1946 as Hessische Apparatebau GmbH in Wiesbaden. Hessapp supply program of includes vertical lathes with motor-driven spindle "Pick-up" and vertical lathes with traditional fixed spindle location. On the basis of various series Hessapp offers integrated solutions from fully automated lathing to standard-design machines for small and middle-size batching.
The production was founded in 1844 in Goeppingen, Germany. The overall area of the company is 48 000 m2, of which 8 500 m2 – administrative buildings, production facility – 28 800 m2. In 1928 the first unified lathe VDF was designed, in 1940 the first concrete bed was applied. 2007 – merger with MAG group, 2013 – merger with FFG.
Honsberg Honsberg
Honsberg Instruments is a designer and manufacturer of mechanical and electronic instrumentation. Founded in 1963 as a producer of flow-control relays, the company acquired huge experience in fabrication of general industrial equipment and application-specific products for technological processes and mining industry for years of its activity.  
Huller Hille Huller Hille
Hüller Hille, initially named Diedesheim, was opened in 1947 and was part of Daimler-Benz. The plant produced components for automobiles. Along with the growth of production the need for metal machining equipment arises.  Diedesheim starts designing and manufacturing its first machines. Gradually it becomes the primary and the only activity focus of Diedesheim.
OMATIVE Systems is the world’s leader in design of production technologies. Based on state-of-art patented technologies, ОМАТIVE Adaptive Control and Monitoring systems, metal-working monitoring and optimization systems have won a wide recognition in the world’s industry.
Sigma Sigma
SIGMA was founded in 1950 in Vigevano and got acknowledged to be one of the major machine manufacturers in Italy. Design and fabrication of the most advanced vertical machining centers. More than 60 years of presence in automotive and innovative lines of industry.