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Specialty: internal milling of crank shafts from VDF Boehringer

Effective machining of crankpins and bearing journals of main bearings, counterweights and exit parts of shafts – all of this is a new machine VDF 221 CIM for internal milling from a pioneer in crankshaft machining – VDF Boehringer.

VDF 221 CIM has a few innovations for productivity increase while crankshaft machining: short time machining and high speed stock removal without vibrations are features of Boehringer VDF 221 CIM. United concept of control and drive system and standardized interface VDF Boehringer simplifies every day work. Especially for crankshafts machining till 650 mm long technology of internal milling by both cutters simultaneously was developed. It is possible due to patented control of cutting force - hmax.


One-piece slant bed from mineral material:

  • high damping capabilities ensure maximum rigidity, and in the end it provides workpiece surface high quality
  • slant bed with linear guideways on incorporated cast iron rails – guarantees the most direct transmission of cutting force to the machine bed (optimal transmission of load force)
  • ecological friendly and recycling materials usage.

Dry machining:

  • production costs reduction for rough machining of crank shafts
  • integral part of energy consumption control strategy and environment VDF Boehringer.

Chip guard inside working area:

  • installed at the angle of 40°
  • optimal chip removal
  • can be used for dry machining
  • ergonomic construction of the machine guard
  • unlimited access for tool change and workpiece measurements, excluding possibility of operator entrance in the working area.

Energy saving:

  • low energy consumption due to energy consumption and environment control
  • customer packet on the request taking into account individual features of the machine
  • included options, for example, energy monitoring, adjustable compressor for coolant system in closed loop etc
  • noise reduction due to use of divided panels

Modular system:

  • operational flexibility
  • exactly adjustable machine configuration
  • the highest production quality and reliability
  • reduced manufacturing time
  • minimum investments and costs for technical maintenance due to use of common parts and units in different types of machines

Simple and fast access for technical maintenance:

  • doors, installed on the machine side, ensure easy and fast access to all parts and units for technical maintenance and service works
  • sliding front doors are easily opened, without disassembly, which provides easy access to power feed lines, machining heads, working spindles, cutting tools and toolholders. This way technical maintenance from back side is almost totally excluded.

High performance machining and developed user interface:

  • ergonomic construction of machine guard
  • unlimited access for tools change and parts measurements, excluding operator`s presence in the working area
  • optimum configuration for wide range of applications:
    • for one machine exploitation, including automation means
    • for introduction in machines systems and use in frames of interconnected technological processes
    • different loading systems, for examples, gantry-type or robotic.

Detailed information regarding technical specifications and delivery conditions of VDF 221 CIM you can get to know from our managers by the phone +7 (831) 296 08 35, Company`s specialists will consult you regarding all the questions you are interested in.

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