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Since 2017 largest Italian manufacturers of grinding machines MECCANODORA, MORARA and TACCHELLA became a part of Fair Friend Group.

For more than 100 years companies MECCANODORA, MORARA and TACCHELLA produce a wide range of grinding machines: from separate models to system technological solutions. Product range includes machines for cylindrical and flat grinding, multi-tasking for complex machining, including turning and milling operations. Proven experience of equipment application is released for different industries: in automobile industry, while transmission parts manufacture, in railway industry while axis grinding of rolling equipment, in energetic machine building and aircraft engineering while machining of complex turbine surfaces and as well for wide range of workpieces for general machinery.

FFG, due to purchase of Meccanodora, Morara and Tacchella, enlarges opportunities of workpiece machining development in full technological cycles. This way, FFG machines cover turning, milling, gear machining and grinding. Now client can get solutions engaging full technological chain, from a single Supplier./p>

Dr. Gerald Weber (FFG Europe & Americas, CEO) noticed: «Meccanodora, Morara and Tacchella earned by right a good reputation all over the world. Now our Clients will receive additional opportunities for complex technological turnkey solutions.

Being a part of the Company, Meccanodora, Morara and Tacchella will get access to wide opportunities of FFG in sales and service. Luigi Manilio (FFG Europe & Americas, COO) said: «We intend to develop our new brands potential, integrating them into our Group, encouraging innovations and using our global sales and service system».

About FFG Europe & Americas

Machine-building holding FFG Europe & Americas unites large manufacturers of machine tools from Germany, Italy, Switzerland and America. Wide range of metal-cutting machines for turning, milling, gear machining and grinding from renowned brands: VDF Boehringer, Hüller Hille, Hessapp, IMAS, Jobs, MAG, Meccanodora, Modul, Morara, Pfiffner, Rambaudi, Sachman, Sigma, SMS, Tacchella и Witzig & Frank. These brands have been known for more than 200 years as reliable manufacturers of machines and technological solutions for different industries: automobile and aerospace, railway and metallurgic, energetic and petrolium, and as well enterprises for general machinery.

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