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Project engineering

Project engineering

Development and execution of integrated projects of production modernization is supported by our own design engineering bureau.

Experts of TOR-Engineering perform a complex analysis of the current state of a company, considering all the production factors within the fames of the project-engineering.

Analysis reveals the specific needs in retooling and modernization or existing opportunities for further growth of production, rationalization of technological process or modernization of equipment.


  • Technical audition of a company:
    • Assessment of economic efficiency of used equipment,
    • Defining “bottlenecks” of the production process;
  • Development of integrated revamping projects:
    • analysis of strategic development plan and actual production program,
    • development of technological processes of machining within the production program,
    • project software,
    • selection of main and supporting machinery, cutting tools, fixturing and tool outfits, optimization of cutting processes using adaptive production systems,
    • development of the infrastructure of the subdivision to be,
    • layout of production rooms and access roads,
    • assessment of project implementation effectiveness;
  • execution of the project on the general contract terms (or execution of the technical modernization project):
    • construction of the infrastructure of the subdivision to be,
    • construction of production rooms and access roads,
    • supply of equipment, installation and commissioning,
    • implementation of manufacturing technology in accordance with the production program of the company,
    • training and reorientation courses for working personnel for maintenance of the installed equipment and operation of CNC systems,
    • validation of effectiveness of the project to be implemented;
  • support for executed projects:
    • warranty and post-warranty service maintenance, supply of spare parts, tools and accessories.


  • expert assessment of the state of the whole company or its subdivision:
    • audition results are the basis for specification on retooling or production modernization project;
  • process documentation: process chart, rout card, sketch chart, tool setup chart, specification of process documentation, process instruction, list of materials and other documents:
    • assessment of actual and potential release program – protection from additional investments in the equipment after execution of the project;
    • elaboration of technological processes of the main groups of products at the design stage – opportunity to select the minimal amount of the main equipment;
  • specification of the equipment, tools and accessories:
    • considering all requirements to the project allows decreasing the rated power margin for the equipment and lower cost of supporting equipment;
  • planning production facilities (workshop layout), calculation of production logistics:
    • charting logistic for workpieces and end products – enhancement of the equipment capacity,
    • Uninterrupted and effective production process;
  • Technical and economical substantiation of the project effectiveness:
    • approval of the technical and economical substantiation of the project by all the Customer’s services gives confidence in getting projected profits after execution of the project,
    • minimization risks at the stage of implementation eliminates unexpected expenses and return of investments within the projected timelines;
  • properly adjusted equipment, ready for use, fitted out with tools and accessories:
    • preparation for release of production with no risk of damaging equipment and accessories,
    • time and cost reduction for commissioning;
  • assuring that the Customer’s stuff has all necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills to operate the installed equipment (qualification enhancement certificates):
    • high competence of the personnel – reduction of standby and repair costs;
  • service support from the company which has fully executed the project – no blind spots during operation. Reduction of costs of ownership of the equipment.


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