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Subject-oriented training

Subject-oriented training

Effectiveness of the production largely depends on the level of stuff competence. Modern production lines involve complex and high-technology equipment. Such equipment must be operated by expert and thoroughly trained professionals who can fulfill their duties in an effective way.

After years of experience in realizing engineering projects our specialists have faced the fact that the staff in machine production companies need training in new innovative technologies and systems. Systems of computer numeric control SIEMENS and Heidenhain are one of the most wide-spread among Russian companies.

Inexperienced CNC operator always makes the same mistakes: damages a workpiece, breaks cutting tools and the consequences of this mistakes can be a machine break-down. To avoid or minimize these problems it is crucial to train personnel who operate and maintain CNC in well fitted and properly prepared training center.

Our company helps you to prepare your high-level specialists in the mentioned CNC systems. Well-trained staff with CNC expertise is a key resource in effective use of production technologies.

REQUEST for training

Who we train

  • Buyers of the equipment manufactured by FFG Werke.

When revamping production or purchasing new high-technology equipment, the following point can block the process: who will maintain new equipment?

This is why first of all our training is oriented to companies which are planning or already acquired new equipment.

  • Companies in machine-building industry which have a lack of qualified personnel.

Our training can interest any production company which has short of staff qualified in CNC systems operation; we can provide training solutions for experience personnel as well as for young professionals who recently joined the company and need to be trained “from the scratch”.

  • For internal needs of companies “TOR-Engineering” and “Krasny Yakor” in order to improve qualification of our own personnel.

“TOR-engineering” use CNC machines for their own production (metal machining), on “Krasny Yakor” factory the tool shop is fitted with high-technology equipment. Initially we also faced the shortage of qualified staff. However all the staffing needs for operators of CNC machines were filled by both companies using our training center.

What training programs we offer

  • Basic course of operation of CNC stand Heidenhain iTNC530
  • Basic course of operation of CNC stand Sinumerik-840D Siemens

Since specialists of one company normally have different education levels, we offer flexible training which can be adjusted to the requirements of a particular customer. For experienced operators who work on new generation machines and who are well aware of the specificity of operating CNC, but use different CNC stand at work, 3-days training will be sufficient. If an operator does not have a proper knowledge of modern leading edge CNC systems, the training will take 5 days.

Training process

Training is held in two training rooms and one showroom housing the equipment.

Theoretical part includes working out the gained knowledge on the program stations Siemens and Heidenhain located right at the trainee’s workplace, emulating a real CNC stand. The program station – PC with a touch screen – is a copy of a CNC stand: it has an identic key-board and set of functions. Trainer’s workplace is equipped with an interactive projection device, which allows giving an intelligible, demonstrative training.

CNC operators will:

  • learn how to program free edges, to face surfaces and to treat notches and trays;
  • master the capabilities of machining cycles (drilling, boring and tapping);
  • gain knowledge in adjustment, i.e. they will learn how to correlate a workpiece with the machine coordinates (so called “search of a zero point”), measure a workpiece, measure principle parameters of cutting tools.

Therefore, program stations, like simulators, will help an operator to learn how to execute all the activities proper for CNC operation.

Practical training is held in the showroom where machines by German Werke (Huller Hille, Boehringer, Hessapp, Modul) are available. The operator works out tasks and actions learnt on the emulator – now on a real machine – under supervision of a tutor. This way the gained knowledge is solidified and skills are perfected. It is especially important for adjustment activities, because the large-ticket equipment used in production makes costs of a mistake quite high at this stage.

Advantages of training with us

Advantages of training your staff is the training center "TOR-Engineering":

  • Technical outfit: 2 training rooms (8 and 6 workplaces) are equipped with an interactive projection devices and PCs with touchscreens and emulators of CNC control stands SIEMENS and Heidenhain.
  • Training includes theoretical and practical parts: 40% theory, 30% practice on the program station, 30% training on a real machine. All practical exercises involve real production tasks.
  • Individual approach: small groups up to 8 persons, consulting trainees after the training is over.
  • Follow-up of training process: at the end of each working day trainees do tests to check what has been studied, which guaranties reinforcement of knowledge gained.
  • Quality of training: our teachers are on-the-court coaches who have not only teaching, but also engineering experience in real projects.
  • Hand-out material: qualification enhancement courses of our training center have original developments which are also the basis of teaching aids (hand-out materials, tests and exercises)
  • Training adjustment: depending on the speed of solidifying material the trainer can adjust the training plan. It’s not the volume of given information that matters, but proper understanding.

All courses are available upon requests sent in advance. You can check our basic training programs in the course sections.

Operator of a machine with CNC – Siemens Operator of a machine with CNC – Siemens
The TOR-engineering training center offers a basic course in operation of CNC Heidenhein ITNC530.
In collaboration with our partners – Heidenhain company, we have developed several training programs of enhancement qualifications for "experienced" production workers and young professionals.
CNC opertor – Heidenhein CNC opertor – Heidenhein
The TOR-engineering training center offers a basic course in operation of CNC Heidenhein ITNC530.
In collaboration with our partners – Heidenhain company, we have developed several training programs of enhancement qualifications of "experienced" production workers and young professionals.