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TOR Engineering team at the international exhibition TIMTOS-2017 in Taiwan

From March 7th to 12th one of the world’s largest machine-tool industry exhibitions, TIMTOS2017, took place in Taiwan. Approximately 5000 exhibitors and 50000 visitors took part in the show. TOR Engineering team discovered a wide variety of innovative engineering solutions for non-standard production goals. We will be happy to share new solutions with our partners and customers.

Taiwan is the motherland of the world’s giant machine-tool group of companies Fair Friend Group (FFG). More than 1500 small and medium-sized manufacturers of machines and components are located on a narrow 60 km long swathe of land, known as Dadu Mountain, in the central part of Taiwan. FFG unites the most part of these manufacturers together with overseas factories – now famous European and Asian brands, like FEELER and MAG, are under one roof.

TIMTOS, world’s largest exhibition of machine-tools and innovative technologies, is the reflection of the Taiwanese machine-tool industry. Visiting of such event is the best opportunity to find out the latest trends in the world of machine-tools, technology developments and production solutions.

The goal of our team’s visit was to discover the cutting edge metal-working equipment and the latest-generation innovative technologies of machine-building and metal-working.

On the first days of the show numerous forums were held where scientists, leaders of Taiwanese industry, and top management of international corporations made their presentations – CISCO, NVIDIA, SICK, SIEMENS, KUKA, Mercedes Benz. Global trends of “smart” production: smart machinery, smart factories, smart machine-tools in evolution of the automotive and aerospace industries. During TIMTOS-2017 more than 30 seminars were held on innovative technologies and products. Those events helped the participants to gain a deeper insight into the latest information on machines and developments in machine-tool industry.

Keeping up with the global market trends, the Taiwanese government is heading on development of “smart” industry, or Industry 4.0. Judging by the predominance of the aerospace technologies among the exhibits, manufacturers mainly tend tend to cater producers of military aircrafts. The focus on aerospace industry will be a driving factor for new generation of machines.

TIMTOS 2017 not demonstrated not only a wide range of machines, but also intelligent industrial equipment (combination of ICT, IoT technologies and cloud-controlled devices): industrial robots, machining centers and production lines. All showcased solutions meet Industry 4.0 standards and help to reduce costs while enhancing productivity.

FFG presented a smart production line based on Industry 4.0 principles. It can find application in many industries – aerospace, automotive, precision molds and dies, and consumer electronics.

Forwell, specializing in mold quick change systems, is creating a cloud platform to enhance pre-sales and after-sales services. At the exhibition the company presented its VR developments to show how smart and quick changing systems can be applied as complex solutions for clients.

All members of TOR Engineering team state that their work at the show was highly productive. Coming to know the leading Taiwanese machine-builders personally and spectacular exhibits let them realize high quality of the machine tools.

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