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FFG in ЕМО-2017: worldwide known brands in a single playground

FFG principal directions in the Exhibition became complex machining, automation and digital technology. The concern occupied the whole pavilion and presented a wide range of machines and technological solutions for turning and milling machining, gear and milling machining and honing. Besides visitors had a chance to see various know-how combinations for customers from different industries and regions of the world.

MAG presented solution of production system development for electro cars transmission. Street Scooter GmbH proves success of such solutions (MAG is a founder and actioner of the company), which produces electro cars in Germany in great volume.

Meanwhile FFG found solutions for combustion engine machining with less fuel consumption and harmful substances emission to the atmosphere. SPECHT series by MAG is equipped with additional integrated technologies for corresponding requirements of automobile industry. Two of them were presented in the Exhibition: integrated honing on machining centers and body machining of turbo-supercharger via cutting with help of interpolation. MAG presented the first technology using as an example automate shop of complex machining of working cylinder mirrors with thermal cover. Thermal cover was made by Sturm, as for pre-machining and finishing it was made on the machine SPECHT 600L with linear drives and power motors.

Turbo-supercharger bodies machining was shown on two-spindle SPECHT 500 DUO as an example, with pallet changer. The process is based on the basis of milling change which leads to quick wear, fort cutting with interpolation. This is why tools wear can be reduced by 10 times. This flexibility is provided by linear drives in conjunction with U-axis of adjustable spindle.

Company VDF Boehringer, pioneer in crankshaft machining, enlarged product range with a new model – turning center VDF 221 CIM, where internal crankshaft milling is an alternative to external milling. High performance process in the Exhibition was presented in conjunction with high precision turning lathe for crankshaft machining VDF 221 CT in a computer-integrated manufacturing model.

The Company created especially for Exhibition a flexible manufacturing section for shafts machining, where vertical turning center Hessapp, cold roll MAG, gear-hobbing machine with integrated function of chamfer and burr removal Modul, Italian grinding machine technology Tacchella are used. Workpiece load is made with help of robot, measuring and control functions are integrated as well in the machine. Such decision helps to make final finishing of tempered workpieces by a single operation.

Complex machining of large-scale parts is presented in the Group by Jobs, Italy and SNK, Japan. Both companies have a considerable experience in effective workpiece machining in aerospace industry, and stamps and die-molds of different sizes. They showed their huge opportunities in the Exhibition, machining parts of complex shape on three machines: gantry-type machine by Jobs eVer7 with patented system of automatic cutter heads change system, horizontal 5-axis gantry type milling machine by SNK with integrated pallet change system for 5 meters long workpiece machining, gantry-type machining center for large-scale stamps and die-molds machining NEOV-5M by SNK.

At the FFG booth a lot of other machines of the Company were presented, which are a part of the Group as well: multi-position, multi-spindle and transfer machines by IMAS, Pfiffner and Witzig & Frank; experts in drive shafts machining by Meccanodora; concept of economic milling, turning and grinding machining by Feeler, Leadwell, DMC and Equiptop, and as well 5-axis machine by Sigma, Sachman and an FFG`s partner – Zuse Hüller Hille.

FFG presented in the Exhibition project examples in frames of concept Industry 4.0, including data analysis, tools for system projecting and integration, monitoring, technical maintenance and support, cloud architecture of SCADA system etc.

High activity on FFG booths did not go down throughout the Exhibition, which proved visitors and guests’ interest to machines and popular manufacturers` technologies, which are included into international concern.

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